In this life, are you of
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In this life, are you of

Legal drinking age?

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Cabernet Sauvignon


Live a life of intense delirium when you try this 9Lives Cabernet Sauvignon! Unleash your creativity with a ruby red wine where delirious ripe strawberry and cherry aromas combine with subtle hints of pepper, black tea and vanilla. A balanced wine with smooth and structured tannins.

Open new possibilities when you live 9Lives.
Sauvignon Blanc


Release your wild side and feel fierce! Enjoy crisp freshness with 9Lives Sauvignon Blanc. Greenish yellow in colour and packed with intense citrus and grapefruit aromas. It has a well-balanced acidity that’s smooth on the palate.

Stimulate your senses and live 9Lives.


Life is full of mysteries that are ready to be discovered. Uncover the enigma when you try 9Lives Carménère, a ruby red wine with black fruit flavors and spiced notes. A medium-bodied wine that delights with soft, silky tannins.

Follow your instincts, live 9Lives.


Inhale deeply and breathe in the moment when you try 9Lives Chardonnay. With soft, tropical aromas and toasted, nutty notes imparted from oak contact, this wine has balanced acidity and a long finish.

Soothe your soul and live 9Lives.
Organic Red


In the end, nature will always resist. 9Lives Organic honors our Earth with an organic blend that seamlessly combines red fruits and spicy notes, boasting a medium body, velvety tannins, and a long pleasant finish.

Be resilient, dare to live 9 Lives.
Red Blend


Live every moment with passion while trying this 9Lives Red Blend. With notes of red and black fruits, cocoa, and vanilla, this wine offers structured tannins with a velvety finish.

Satisfy your desires, live 9Lives.


Capture the infinite possibility with this inspiring 9Lives Riesling, a wine with intense peach aromas and floral notes. Its fruity mouthfeel and exceptional freshness achieves the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

Live without limits, live 9Lives.


A momentous feeling of epicness is here! Drink in glory with 9Lives Merlot, with ripe red fruit aroma and spicy white pepper notes. A ruby red wine with a medium body, elegant tannins and long, fruity finish.

Feel the epicness and live 9Lives.


The uplifting thrill of the dare! Try 9Lives Daring Rosé and tempt yourself with fresh red fruit and citrus aromas. With pale salmon hues and complex aroma, this wine has a firm natural acidity and long persistence.

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